Accredited tutor under Paul Bradford

Not only is Paul Bradford totally gorgeous, he's a pretty good cake decorator too ..... being a wee bit cheeky there sorry Paul xo. So anyone who has seen my display cakes will know that I just LOVE Paul Bradfords work. I have been following him for years and have done my own versions of many of his cakes, my absolute favourite being the carousel which is proudly displayed in my shop. I cant tell you how totally passionate I am about decorating and also about teaching others what I know, there is nothing better than sharing knowledge and seeing someone elses achievements.

So you can imagine my joy when I saw that Paul was running a tutoring program here in Australia, there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to become one of his tutors, so I sent in my expression of interest, was accepted into his course and had butterflies in my stomach for months on end. Unfortunately Paul had to cancel his Australian tour and I was absolutely devastated, my heart sank like a lead balloon but that only lasted a brief moment because he offered to buy me a ticket to the UK to do the tutoring course over there. Oh my, did my head start to swell, my idol has paid for me to fly to the UK to train under his program. The only problem was that it was in the middle of the wedding season and I had numerous cakes due prior to and during the dates I was to be away. That wasn't going to stop me so i spent many very long days and nights ensuring that all my wedding cakes were ready to go and all preparations were done so my former business partner could put together the cakes for when I was away. At 3am on the day I was due to fly out I finally finished the cakes for that week and the preparations for the following 2 weeks. Bit spooky working at the shop till that hour but I survived.

Tired and grumpy but so very excited I got home at 3am and realised that I haven't packed my bags so I opened the suitcase and looked at the unfolded washing on the clothes horse and threw the whole lot in there, I had no idea what to pack so I added a hoard of jumpers and closed the suitcase. A litte concerned my bad was overweight, off to the airport I went. It was ok, I just scraped it in with 22 kg, I was only going for 2 weeks!! I boarded the plane to the UK (Scotland to be precise). I don't think you really want to hear about the flight....I think it was something like 22hrs of travel time, restless legs and cramped seating I was so glad to be off the plane.


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